IIID Full Body capture

4DDynamics launches it’s IIID Full Body capture as a portal to the digital world

Fully automated ready to perform in “shop in shop” or events spaces
Capture on high volume 100’s full body color captures per day fully automated
Linked to its IIID.me cloud platform or iPhone app, your digital ID will wake up in a new world
Experience moving your IIID copy around in a gaming environment or ordering a 3dprint

New York, January 12th, 2014 – 4DDynamics reveals today it’s IIID automated full Body Scanner. The user will experience a fast capture of his digital ID, where he will be “beamed-up” to the digital world through the IIID.me portal. Within minutes (s)he will experience entrance in a new Digital world, where he/she will be able to view, share the digital copy but also order a 3dprinted figurine, or come to life in the iPad app and experience moving around in a game. 4DDynamics is showcasing this ground breaking technology at the 3DPrintshow Booth A.18 in NY from Feb 13-15th

4DDynamics (4DD), a company based in NY and Antwerp, Europe, a technology leader in high end 3d acquisition algorithms & biometric technologies also developer of 3d body scanning devices based on this technology. The Company’s strength is in its 13 years of R&D in the field of advanced 3d algorithms. Resulting in highly sophisticated, accurate, flexible yet extremely easy to use 3dscanners.

It’s 3Dscanners are #1 in scanning people worldwide from any race and with any skin complexion or hair color. A very sought after advantage. It has high end products for Film, Gaming, Security or Medical applications, also scanning museum objects. It also has a 3d Platform called IIID.me which provides possibilities to share and apply the 3ddata through email, Twitter or Facebook or even order 3dprints from the data or be incorporated into 3d Games.

Since 2013 it’s equipment is also available for the end-consumer through its development of the 3D Scanner called “IIIDScan” perfect for early adaptors or schooling to be used for object scanning as well as people scanning in an unprecedented resolution out of the same device. Also, these 3D scanner got a successor in the form of the “IIIDGotcha-Pro” with addition of a turntable and several additional features.

The latest development is the IIID Full Body Scanner as a portal to the digital world and based on a totally new concept. This scanner gives a full body coverage, full featured, color commercial body scanning product with worldwide availability based on a depth sensor.

1177 Avenue of the Americas, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10036, United States