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The Ultimate Selfie

The best way of representing you

  • IIID Scan is an ultimate selfie - representing you in most realistic way.
  • Use Your IIID Scan to impress your friends and enhance your presence online.
  • Your IIID scans could be used to create custome characters and looks for special gifts and occasions.
  • Your scan or custom character could be used for computer games and virtual reality.
  • Obtain perfectly accurate measurements from your scan for online shopping.
Your Social Media
3D Print
Your Figurine
Your Fantasy Character
Get in the game

Really Cool Stuff
Become A Hero

Want to be an astronaut, a soldier, a pirate?

No problem! With character engine your scan could be converted into any of those things. Better yet it could be prepared for animation completely atomatically!

And you can share it as a video on your social network, print your custom character sculpture or import in game! How cool is that?

With your IIIDBODY Scan


Hyper-Realistic Individual 3D Avatar View on any mobile device. Share in social media and tune-up digital presence..


3D Selfie-Figurine on a custom auto-fit base plate Create personalized items and novelty gifts.


Obtain accurate measurements and offer your visitors custom costume, party and carnival closes or enchance their customized online shopping experience.


Animated 3D model Travel in Space and Time. Explore virtual words and augmented reality.

Booth Dimentions
1.7m x 1.7m
Scan Time
4 seconds
Print Ready
12 minutes
120 people/hour

Enhance Your Presence On Social Media and get a lot of attention

Print Your IIID Figurine - A Perfect Gift Or Memoir

Become a hero By Making Custom Character

The Ultimate Tailor

The best way of getting new suit!

  • Get accurate measurements of your body with BodyScan.
  • Order your suit,or shirt or costume online without worrying about fit.
  • Share your measurements with close ones and family - making sure that next gift fits perfectly.
  • Order perfect fancy costumes and party clothes online and stay original.
  • Use your measurements for special clothing, uniforms or custom made body armor.

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Who do you want to be today?

Make Your Choice!

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The Fantasy Is the Only Limitation.

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